Oriental Medicine



Acupuncture has helped billions of people for the past 5,000 years with pain, insomnia, depression, skin problems and almost anything you would visit a doctor to resolve. By placing needles in key points along the energy channels we move the intelligent energy, the Qi of the body to relax and energize, freeing up the vital force within.

In a single session the practitioner may also use cupping, massage or other energy techniques such as reiki or breathwork. The result is a deep healing on all levels, body, mind and spirit.

The practitioner will also design a comprehensive treatment plan to cleanse or fortify your entire system with diet, herbs and lifestyle recommendations.

Heal Simply and Effectively with Acupuncture and BodyTalk!
Acupuncture and BodyTalk combines the best of a 5,000 year-old tradition with a revolutionary and powerful energy healing system giving you highly effective results within just a few sessions.

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