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Live and Dry Blood Analysis

See what is in your plasma and the health of your Blood Cells.

*Not diagnosing any Medical Condition.  *Not a Medical Doctor.





Full Spectrum Infra-Red Sauna combined with an Ionic Foot Detox afterword; all part of the Full-Body Detox. 11-Day frequency detox is also added for further detoxing support.

*Not a “Medical Treatment” nor claiming to Treat/Cure any disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.



GDV Camera Bioresonance

Bio-Well’s Gas Discharge Visualization Camera use a painless electrode to stimulate the finger tips to admit more light energy for capturing. This camera allows for real time viewing of your energy field within your body.

Want to know how specific supplements affect your energy in the moment, witness how your Chakras move, measure the light energy moving through your meridians, or even if you just wonder how energetically your organs are functioning; a GDV camera can show you all this and more! Not a Medical Diagnostic tool, energy is always moving!   *Not a Medical Doctor.  *Not a Medical Diagnostic tool.


Health Coaching

Balancing the bodies pH is essential for health and the ability to heal yourself. Don’t miss the boat by only applying band aids. Get to the root cause. Let me help you help your body heal itself.

*Not a Medical Doctor*  *Not claiming to Treat or Cure any disease.





Transferring frequencies into items or even copying information from one item into another; weather it’s a crystal, jewelry, lotions, supplements or something else. Also, check out Quantum Healer’s line of imprints!

*Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.




Get a professional reading of what your eyes can tell about yourself. Genetic dispositions and degenerating areas of health are just some of the things that can show in the eyes. What do your eyes have to say about you???

*Not diagnosing any Medical Condition.  *Not a Medical Doctor.














Lumia Therapy – Bioptron Light and Color Therapy

Light and color therapy has been around for thousands of years! Using specialized lights with natural glass lenses, healing information can be delivered into the body’s cells and tissues. Great for faster healing, pain reduction, anti-aging, and more!

*Not a “Medical Treatment”.  *Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.










Medical Biomagnetism

Medical Biomagnetism, also known as Biomagnetism Pair, is a technique using particular magnets skillfully placed on the body. This technique is used to identify pH and magnetic imbalances in the body and reverse those imbalances; balancing pH and energic fields within the body. It is important for the body’s pH and magnetic fields to be balanced in order for the body to heal itself and sustain an environment unhospitable for pathogen progression and disease.

*Not a “Medical Treatment”.   *Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.



Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency. Low level frequencies, ones produced by nature, are pulsed into the body using a PEMF electrode. Great for cellular health and reducing inflammation. Helps the body heal itself.

*Not a “Medical Treatment” or claiming to Treat/Cure any disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.




Rifing is a technique that uses resonate frequencies to either kill, remove, or entrain physical matter. A skilled singer is able to shatter glass using her voice when matching the resonate frequency of the glass; Rifing is the same concept. Weather it’s removing toxins, heavy metals, parasites, or restoring the natural frequencies of the body; Rifing is a safe and effective way to help the body heal itself.  

*Not a “Medical Treatment”.  *Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.


Immerse your body in Scalar Fields. Scalar Fields deliver healing information to your body at a cellar level.

*Not a “Medical Treatment”.  *Not a Medical Doctor.







Sound Healing

Sounds at specific frequencies can stimulate the self-healing process and wake up Zombie Cells to start healing again.

*Not a “Medica Treatment”.  *Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.  *Not a Medical Doctor.









Trauma Release

Releasing trapped trauma in the body can be vital for the healing process. Using a combination of sound therapy, light therapy, meditation, energy movements, and EFT we can help release trapped emotions aiding in the healing process.

*Not a Medical Doctor.  *Not intended to Cure or Treat disease.




Jessica Gilbert, owner of Quantum Healers

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