Grassroots Wellness Development / Non-Profit 501C3 / Kids Outreach Program

The Eight Paths to Wellness are:

  1. Physical Wellness; the ability to recognize that our diet, fitness level, alcohol/tobacco/drug use and other life style habits exert significant impact upon overall life quality.
  2. Emotional Wellness; the ability to understand and accept our feelings, and to develop effective ways to manage them in daily life.
  3. Social Wellness; the ability to understand and interact with family, friends, teachers, fellow students, and our larger community.  The ability to cultivate and maintain positive, mutually supportive relationships.
  4. Spiritual Wellness; the ability to appreciate and engage with ideas and activities that are personally meaningful at deeper levels of self-understanding and self-esteem.  This category does not address religious denominations and theologies, but supports activities that lead to life satisfaction in a general sense.
  5. Environmental Wellness; the ability to recognize our responsibility and to have a positive impact on the quality of air, water, land, and food in our local community as well as in the world at large.
  6. Occupational Wellness; the ability to derive satisfaction from our jobs while maintaining overall life balance.   This includes career/vocational self-discovery and permission to explore what interests and inspires us related to future sources of income.  It also includes exploring how our interests and abilities can vocationally contribute to our communities and to society at large.
  7. Material/Financial Wellness; the ability to make realistic and proactive financial decisions and to effectively manage our resources to support a stable and satisfying life style.  This also includes awareness of ethics related to acquiring and managing money, sensitivity to how our financial goals impact the larger community.
  8. Civic Wellness; the ability to recognize and implement our responsibility to become contributors to our community, to become concerned and involved citizens.



MONDAY June 26th, 2023 We had our kids day; although some rain spoiled our outside scavenger hunt. We held our kid’s day event inside in the lower level and it was a great success !   Here are some pictures from the event:

Who was our Special Guest ?

It was FEATHER, the miniature horse !  Of course !


Amy Payne – Thank You for bringing FEATHER to our kid’s day!

We also had games, arts & crafts, and a movie

Kids got a chance to hold a Turkey Chick !

Past kid’s day 2021 at our old West side building:



Our entrance to the fun house

Here’s our man DEAN clearing the raised vegetable bed.

Our #1 Volunteer celebrated his 82nd birthday with us at the Farmhouse.  Dean helps with the garden and strawberries out front, chickens,  misc. tasks and is fun to have around.  He usually visits mid-late afternoon.

You can volunteer at any age, just find something you like to do and help out.  Stop in to visit when you’re in the neighborhood !

July 12, 2021   Some of the recent findings Karen found:  Beans, Zucchini, and bigger chicks who will head back to the farm later this week:

The Mama hens and her baby eggs waiting to hatch.


Today, Tuesday the 22nd (6.22.21) we had visitors from the YWCA kids camp visit us to learn about calming bottles and a scavenger hunt.  They had a great time checking out the chickens, chicks, herbs, gardens, and the areas around the Farm House.

Check out our video of CHICKS  shortly after they hatched !


I work with kids at the 9th Street Farmhouse/9th Street Wellness Center as most of you know.
With the changes in our lives and no contact law I have been doing this for the children.
I have bagged a different project for every week FREE for the kids or parents to pick up as there walking through from getting their lunch
or going to the store.
This gives the children and parents/grandparents something special to work with.
Some weeks are very simple projects other weeks more complicated for older children.
Giving back to the community (our children are our future.)
Stay Healthy!
Karen Stoehr


Get your own map for the Scavenger Hunt !   Maps for under 10 years old and Maps for 10 and Over

Come check out our gardens, flowers and chickens!!   


When finished with your scavenger hunt come inside and show me the items collected for a surprise gift!!


Arts and Crafts Friday mornings from 10am-12noon.  With no contact outside our building by the sidewalk we have a table set up with a sign FREE Take Home Project! I have bagged a different project for every week FREE for the kids or parents to pick up as they are walking through from getting their lunch or going to the store. This gives the children and parents/grandparents something special to work with. Some weeks are very simple projects other weeks more complicated for the older children.

Giving back to the community:


Mission Statement of Grassroots Wellness Development is to educate for human greatness, enhancing positive relationships, while building overall personal wellness. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It is a dynamic process of change and growth. We strive to identify and enhance the skill levels of people who work with us by empowering them to move forward in a positive, productive direction as they integrate the following dimensions of wellness into lives.    (Non-Profit organization 501-C3)

Hello Everyone! Are you willing to Help a Child Learn a Healthy Lifestyle?
Grassroots Wellness Development at 9th Street Farmhouse is creating that in a child with 8 Dimensions of Wellness!

Painted Bricks:  Working with Big Brothers / Big Sisters to create our path to Wellness

It was only a few weeks when Mom layed the eggs and they hatched…  soon the chicks all flew off !

The raised Herb Garden is taking off and the Strawberries are ready for pickin’



Learn how to make  “Do it Yourself”  CALMING BOTTLES

or  Plant Your own HERB GARDEN   Click here to watch video

Make your own Calming Bottle or Time-out Bottle or Take a Break just for Mindfulness Relaxation.





With your Donation or Sponsorship we can Help “Great Kids Grow” 

Turkey Hatching:



Outdoor Fun :




























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