Heidi’s Healthy Lifestyle

Heidi’s Healthy Lifestyle Group (HLG) CLASS Schedule:

Mondays: 8-830a. TaiChi/Qigong

Tuesdays: 8-830a Cardio/Full Body Strength
and at 4pm HopeChats SMART.

Wednesdays: 8-830a. TaiChi/Qigong

Thursdays: 8-830a. Lower Body Strength/Mobility/Foam Rolling

Fridays: 8-830a. 8-830a. 8-830am QIGONG F.I.T.

Saturdays: 9-930am Stability/Balance/Upper Body Strength

Email Heidi at HeidiGillisGB@gmail.com

Heidis Healthy Lifestyle Group (HLG) CLASS DESCRIPTIONS


HLG accepts SilverSneakers, Renew Active, Silver & Fit, Active & Fit. Private pay is $10/class , $15 unlimited weekly or $40/unlimited monthly.

Coming in 2022 One Pass. 





Qigong for Health/TaiChi For Rehab Monday 8-830a
Monday Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 567 148 181 Passcode: 005448
This class is a practice of relaxation involving deep breathing and mind body awareness. We end the class with a basic TaiChi for Rehabilitation routine involving waving hands like clouds and side stepping. The class incorporates head to toes dynamic stretches to improve total body mobility as a warm up.

Cardio/Total Body Strength Class Tuesday 8-830a
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 994 173 703 Passcode: 022989
This is a fitness class that combines a variety of exercises to help increase cardio endurance while strengthening muscle. The workout can be lead as an interval or circuit, or as a ½ and ½ class (half cardio, half strength).

MeetingSilverSneakers EnerChi Wednesday 8-830a
Wednesday Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 779 123 392 Passcode: 017865
This class format incorporates tai chi and qigong principles to improve physical and mental well-being. SilverSneakers EnerChi introduces modified tai chi forms. Linking forms together in a guided flow increases strength and vitality using a 3 lunge series. EnerChi participants will learn the foundations of weight transfer and rhythmic movement along with awareness and focused breathing.

Lower Body Strength / Hip Mobility /Foam Rolling Class Thursday 8-830a
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 756 5057 9018 Passcode: 032202
A strength class is primarily an anaerobic activity that uses weights, resistance tools and one’s own body weight to induce muscular contraction, which builds the strength and endurance of muscles. This type of class will help increase bone density, increase metabolism, improve joint function and provide significant functional benefits for improved activities of daily living.

Qigong F.I.T. (Fifteen Important Transitions) Friday 8-830a
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 749 7520 1594 Passcode: 021423
This workout will promote flexibility, strength and relaxation. The Muscle Changer improves Flexibility, The Turtle sequence improves spinal health and we perform a balance routine and muscular strengthening, ending with the 8 Brocades a combination of all. This routine can be done separately or together, sequences include flexibility, strength, muscular skeletal mobility and cardiovascular ending with reflection relaxation.

Stability/Upper Body Strength Saturday 9-930a
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 525 931 181 Passcode: 021127
Stability is a drills and skills class designed to improve balance, agility, mobility, and power in an older adult. All functional movement requires an effective balance system in order to successfully execute daily activities, from walking down the street, to dancing, to executing a squat. Half the class is stability & half is upper body strength.
A class like Stability will improve one’s confidence and independence. Life happens at various speeds, so finding a movement, holding a movement and progressing through a movement is key to improving the kinesthetic awareness of the exercise being performed.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Group date and time TBD per interest
This workshop will help you to plan, prepare, and age well. It focuses on basic planning tools and explores healthy nutrition & exercise for optimal aging.

Heidi Gillis is now offering SilverSneakers, UHC RenewActive, Active Options-Silver&Fit/Active&Fit at 9th Street Wellness Center.
Active Options is designed Options provides eligible members with alternatives to traditional fitness center group exercise classes, and provides the option to go to classes in settings such as an outdoor/park location, community center, senior center, church, or pool. Active Options is provided through American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated.

























































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