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Rev. Linda Losey – Licensed Spiritual Practitioner 920-983-0713  E-mail:

Spirituality practice allows people the opportunity to focus on the connection between their emotions, health, well-being and spirituality -including increased awareness, body image, exploring creativity, intuition, a visioning process, film and book discussions, gratitude and prosperity, grief and forgiveness, meditation and healing circles, and self-empowerment.

Linda Losey is a Center for Spiritual Living Green Bay Practitioner and Minister, affiliated with the Centers for Spiritual Living™ As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Linda supports individuals in using spiritual principles to change their lives for the better. As one’s beliefs, perspectives and attitudes change, this changes the vibrational point of attraction of the individual and new conditions and situations are attracted into the person’s life. By a shift in consciousness individuals make ongoing changes in their consciousness and align their thoughts, feeling and actions with the new beliefs. Linda has been a “Science of the Mind” practitioner for twenty years after completing four years of training and passing written exams and oral panels. Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally and are required to renew their license every year.

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