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Saundra Hall, ‘Gourmet’ Astrologer @Astrology Healing – 920-498-9583
Saundra Hall – Offers you these Astrological insights with over 50 years of experience in this field.  She councils with wit, wisdom, and integrity while using her ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ techniques.  She also feels that after the reading, your new viewpoint has the potential to be very empowering for you especially in your future freedoms and choices!

For those seeking ‘Astrological Counseling’
Find ‘Life’s Calling’ through your ‘Personal Chart’ reading
Unfold the mysteries of the Universe and
Get the Heart of your Chart

The Main Topic of these ‘Informed Awareness Readings’ are:

  • Relationships and Your ‘Calling”
  • Health, Job, Business and Your Money
  • as well as Your Personal Questions

Monica Burns, Vedic Astrologer  651-724-5192

Curtis Burns, Vedic Astrologer  651-274-5318  Website

Life-path, relationship, and forecast readings with great depth and certainty using the ancient art of astrology from India, with perspectives from western astrology also.

Curtis Burns, has many decades experience in both Vedic and Western astrology techniques and has a wide background in Eastern and Western mystical traditions.  Curtis’ philosophy of astrology is that the horoscope is a very ordered and exact spiritual-psychological-karmic landscape picture telling the story of your life.  Vedic astrology excels in predictive techniques and real-life application, as well as having great spiritual depth.

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