Energy Work

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

EFT integrates the Chinese meridian system into the therapy process by tapping on meridian points with your fingertips. Properly done, it reduces the conventional therapy process from weeks, months, or years, to a fraction of that time (often to minutes or hours).


Jin Shin Jyutsu




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Originating in Japan, Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient healing technique suitable for all ages and health projects. Using just a gentle touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu connects you to Universal energy to heal yourself with effortless ease. We learn to trust our inner wisdom as we use Jin shin Jyutsu to help our health projects, whatever they may be. Life happens and it seems there is always something new requiring attention. Now you can choose an appropriate Jin Shin Jyutsu self-care to speed you on your way to doing your favorite activities. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle and unobtrusive, deeply relaxing, dynamic way of helping the body to help itself.

Jin Shin Jyutsu does not involve massage, manipulation of the bones or muscles, or use of substances. It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips over clothing on designated areas, to harmonize and restore the energy flow.



Master Reiki Practitioners:                                                                        


Deb Myers (Reiki Master Teacher) 920-347-9075 





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Kelly Fisher (Animal Reiki) 920-604-1967         



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Taylor Harris 920-634-8317





Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help.

During a Reiki treatment, you relax, fully clothed, on a couch or seated while the healer holds his hands on or above you. A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on the treatment required. In the western world many practitioners use the standard hand positions and commonly a full treatment is given covering all the important organs of the body.

There is no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions, sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required (spiritually guided) and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma – respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, anxiety and many more. There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive a Reiki treatment or a Reiki attunement. As in any healing the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed.


Shamanism looks at the person as a whole and works at the level of Spirit. Healing transforms the person on all levels and is able to remove blockages and imprints from this and other lifetimes.

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