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Welcome to Hunters Farmhouse Fun Page !


Hi … This is me, Hunter.   I am 13 years old and help out at the 9th Street Wellness Farmhouse !  My Mother, Maggie, works in the office.  I work mostly around the garden and Fun House (garage) 

   you probably saw me here for Green Bay Kids day; I helped with tours that day, answered questions, and helped pick strawberries. 




Hunters Farm Report

Hello, my name is Hunter. I want to tell you that over here at 9th Street Wellness Center there are all sorts of  activities and so much more to enjoy.

One of the things that I like here is the fact that there are chickens.





I’ve been able to help with the chickens and chicks. One of my jobs include cleaning their water and food dishes


out and refilling them. One of my personal favorites is “Tiny Top Hat.” We call him that because he has a little black fluff right on top of his head. He’s very nice and friendly and doesn’t mind being held at all. The chicks hatched

about 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing how fast they’ve grown.

Another thing that I enjoy here is the garden. The garden has all sorts of things from berries, such as blueberries and raspberries, to veggies, like lettuce and kale.


You can simply stop by and enjoy all this fresh tasty food.

One last thing that I want to talk about is the scavenger hunt. Every week Friday from 10 AM to Noon,  we hold a scavenger hunt where I help kids find certain things around the farmhouse, such as flowers, plants, the chicken area and much, much more. There are different scavenger hunts, one for younger kids and one for older kids. But wait, there’s more. During the scavenger hunts there are also different projects going on, this week was building a bird feeder. Every week is a new craft to work on here or to take home.

I hope you like the sound of this and we see you here next Friday.


Hunters’ farmhouse fun report     August week 1
Hey everyone it’s me again, Hunter, back with another report. 

There are these tomatoes


that taste really good and the chickens think so too. They will run up and play like a game of keep away with the tomato till it’s completely gone. Speaking of which, the new chicks will hatch in one day. New chicks! Meaning our last 2 crazy haired chicks will have to be shipped to the farm. I can’t believe a month ago they were in an egg, they are so big now.
Next Friday were going to throw a baby chick shower. At the baby shower we will have treats celebrating the fact that the new chicks are hatched. By the way next Friday is also the last week for this global warming packet week 6 affects on air.

Hunters Farmhouse Fun Report     July week 4
Hi again. This week a bunch of people came here for our scavenger hunt and the arts and crafts. This week’s global warming event was affects on the weather which is why we made a weathervane. we also did a special project, which was a friendship bag.
While I was waiting for people to come, I drew this amazing thing called SPACE DINASAUR It was beautiful I mean a dinosaur with a space helmet on, best thing you ever saw. Then people came like Ellis, who went on these swings we have in the back. We played all around here, one of the things we played was cops and robbers.
Are last 2 crazy haired chicks left will have to leave in 8 days when we get the new eggs hatched eleven new crazy haired baby’s will come to being
It was really fun today, bye for now hope to see you next Friday.

Hunters’ Farmhouse Fun Report    July week 3
Hello, its Hunter again over here at the 9th street farmhouse. We have some new stuff to show you including the new project. We are on week 2 of the project global warming. This week was effects on people. For the project that we did was gluing the organs to an outline of a person. There are 6 weeks for this topic, next Friday it’ll be effects on oceans, then its effects on weather, plants, and air in the future weeks.
The garden is growing many more plants like raspberries and huge zucchini that was the size of my arm. We picked a ton of stuff recently such as beans, berries, and also KALE. Kale is almost like lettuce. It doesn’t have much flavor, its green, but it’s a little leafier and darker than normal lettuce.
Hope you liked the blog this week. You can watch a video of me picking some fruit and vegetables or pick some and eat some next Friday with me.

Hunter’s Farmhouse Fun Report     July week 2
The first thing I must talk about is the projects. This week’s climate change article was affects on oceans, next week’s is effects on weather. We made ocean animals with construction paper, paper plates and coloring supplies. It was really fun!
While we were working on the projects I stopped because googly eye box full of googly eyes. So I grabbed some of the bigger ones and stuck them on this inflated cow we have here. 360 degree turn and rushed to the box to grab more and repeated this with the inflatable dog. There is this chicken coop with some babies in it so I made a “gate keeper” of sorts with a fluff ball and some more googly eyes it was fun.
Well I talk to you next Friday until then bye and hope you visit.



Started with 27 eggs in the incubator on the date of May 26, 2021, at 6 pm

Hatching is starting –  June 16, 2021, at 10 am – first chick born
At 8:30 pm the second chick was born

June 17, 2021, 9 hatched

4 White, 2 Gold, 1 Stripped, 5 Black, 2 Mixed, 1 Gray

June 18, 2021, 6 more eggs hatched

Baby Chick Names

When the Green Bay YWCA kids came to visit, they had to name each chick:

Sleepy, Pushy, McPeckerson, Bloch, Helmet,  Oreo, Iris, Savana, Amaya, Kaylee, Elizibeth,

Ballooty, Clyde, Cookie, Tiny Top Hat (Easily the best and my favorite), Over and under, Reagan, Honey, Dopey, Snowy, Sneezy, Strawberry, Raspberry
















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