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Karen’s Story

I have done many things in my life; factory work, owning cleaning services, stores, or match-making services, raising a family, to direct sales. What I am most passionate about is helping people. It has been a long term goal of mine to help others in whatever way I can. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them fill a need. That need may just be a great referral for their business; but most of the time, I find that need to be something to do with health. My life experience has allowed me to discover many methods for health living. Since 1993 I was forced to make some changes in my life after I was diagnosed with cancer. I started looking into ways that my body would best be able to heal the cancer. The alternatives worked wonderfully for me.

We live in a society with people who are struggling with many health issues. The medical approach gives one set of answers, but as I have overcome my cancer, I discovered many other options available for people. I am interested in being a facilitator of healthy living to the Green Bay community. I enjoy learning about new approaches to health. I want others to be able to learn those approaches as well so that they can decide what is best. The more resources provided, the better educated decisions people can make themselves.

My goal for the wellness center is to expose the community to as many healing arts as possible. We truly want to be able to help others achieve the levels of health and happiness that they want to reach. Creating an environment where all practitioners work together to find what is best for the patient is my goal. We live in a truly complex and amazing society, but with that comes many health challenges. I am truly excited to unite the different paths or roads to wellness

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